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Welcome to Listers crisps.
Listers crisps started with a desire to create the best tasting hand cooked crisps, all made on site on our family farm in Yorkshire, from a good crunch to amazing flavours we believe we have created the perfect crisps – and we hope you agree!

We take great pride in the fact that each bag of Listers contains our very own home grown potatoes, through carefully selecting the best varieties to choosing the correct soil types to grow on, we care for the crop until it’s time to harvest. Once harvested we ensure they are carefully handled, washed sliced and fried with a dash of seasoning and popped into a bag for you to enjoy.

A few little facts:

The name ‘Listers’ is from my grandfather, it was his family’s surname and we hope the brand today would make him proud.

On our family farm we have been potato farmers from the word go, we are now on our 3rd generation with hopefully future generations to come!

We are a very down the line crisp producer , no gimmicks , no fancy artisan promos , just simply great potatoes, attention to detail on cooking and flavours, and simply just want to produce a texture and taste which we hope you guys love.

Lister’s Flavours

I’d be lying if we said this was easy.

Developing the flavours was done by vigorously taste testing one after another….. and if we could turn back the clock we’d do it all over again as they taste sensational!

We currently have five delicious flavours that we’ve worked hard to perfect, with soon to be a few more flavour additions coming down the line. We are really proud of our crisps and we hope you love them too.

Watch this space for updates to our flavour assortment!

Sea Salted

Keeping the full flavour of our crisps still punching through, we only dust on a light sprinkle of salt.
Doing this keeps a low salt content and still gives you a great tasting crisp.

Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar

For all you guys who love a bit of the classic, this flavour balances just the right amount of ‘amazing’ and ‘oh my, give me more!’

We are very proud of this flavour, combining a pinch of salt to a dash of cider vinegar, creating a twist on the original tangy taste making you want to go back for more!

Sweet Chilli

For those with a taste for a hint of spice, we have created a unique sweet chilli flavour which has a slight kick of fiery heat but a touch of sweetness, keeping it just right for everyone to enjoy.

Cheddar Cheese & Onion

Well hands down we believe we have created the best tasting cheese and onion on the market. And if you are currently not a fan of any other cheese and onion brand trying this one may just change your mind – trust us we’ve managed to convert many a fan! Using classic cheddar paired with onion flavouring we don’t believe you can go far wrong with this one!

Steak & Ale

So here we have it, your favourite steak, ale and caramelised onion pie …. in a packet of crisps! This has to be one of our personal favourites, rich steak and ale punch with a smooth caramelised onion aftertaste. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Trade Enquiries

We began the journey of producing and selling locally on 1st March 2019 and have continued to grow ever since.

Through growing our presence at a handful of trade stalls at food markets to supplying a variety of customers from local cafes, through to bars, pubs, farm shops and restaurants keeping it a local and easy to deal with family business.

If you are interested in trying our product or wonder where you can locally source them please get in touch with the enquiry form below.

As we are very new to the crisps industry we hope our brand will soon be recognised more widely and not just seen as a crisp producer, but seen as a family farm who are just trying to keep great British farming alive and when ever you purchase a pack of our hand cooked crisps you aren’t just supporting your local shop pub or cafe but you are supporting the farms that feed the public day in day out 365 days a year and we thank you for that.

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